Analytics Services

Analysis and scoring, quickly and easily without a lot of effort


Analytics Services

With our services in the area of analytics, we offer you analysis and scoring options that you can use quickly and easily at no great expense. You get new insights into correlations in your data, its quality, and the relevance of individual factors. In this way you can support central decision-making processes in customer management and in your company in an automated way and optimize your performance in the market.

We offer you:

Scoring services: We offer you an individual appraisal or a calculation of scores in response to problem-related situations. You provide the data, we provide the results.

Data discovery service: Based on your individual data volume and your particular circumstances, we create the right analytical tool for you, which you can then use to evaluate and interpret future data.

Model execution & monitoring: If you send us your data for regular model execution, we’ll also regularly perform a check for your model to see whether this can continue to be used as it has been or whether your data basis has changed such that a re-modeling is advisable.

Our process


Professional Consultation

Together with you, we discuss your technical concerns, outline our procedure, and detail the data protection-compliant data export.

Analyses and modeling

Based on tried-and-tested problem-solving approaches, we create analyses in your systems and also execute them for you.

Recommendations for action

You then receive the processed results and initial recommendations for action derived from these findings from our experts.


Analytics Scoring Service

The scoring service provides you with a data protection-compliant evaluation of your data. Depending on the issue, we calculate scores in accordance with your business situation. Our data scientists provide you with an expert appraisal of your data’s informational content and analysis quality. In addition, you receive direct, data-driven recommendations for action that you can implement to your benefit. With the scoring services, we offer you a complete package from a single source and without any risk: You don’t need your own analysis software or your own analysis experts. You can book the scoring services on a one-off basis or repeatedly as required.

Typical areas of application

Scoring Services

  • Customer analyses: You get new customer insights, among other things, with our scoring services, e.g. to help you regulate demand-oriented offers or identify risks at an early stage.
  • Campaign analyses: You improve the impact of your marketing campaigns with our scoring services. Optimize your target group, response rate, and thus increase your sales.
  • Process performance analyses: Identify profit-making and loss-generating factors within the company with the right scoring service. You receive valid information about risk assessment and decision-making.

Data Discovery Service

  • Churn Prediction: We determine which of your customers are liable to churn. The model can then be applied to your core customers regularly.
  • Next best Offer: Based on the purchasing behavior of your customers, we identify the products for which they have the most affinity – an effective tool for targeted advertising measures.
  • Affinity analyses: We determine the types of method of address, contact channels, or other measures for which your customers have particular affinity. This affinity information increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your processes.

Our offering

Big Data Analytics

We find the right tools for you, create structured and in-depth analyses and modeling approaches, and then we help you to visualize complex situations or issues clearly and concisely.

Customer Analytics

We support you in collecting meaningful customer data, in evaluating this information and making it usable for your business: both for matters concerning customer value and customer risk.

Industry 4.0

We accompany you on your journey toward the digitization of your business processes, covering issues from the digital factory floor through to support processes in controlling.

Contact person

Dr. Alexander Kaul

Dr. Alexander Kaul

Unit Manager Data Science

Alexander Kaul leads the data science unit in Munich and has been working as a consultant for over 10 years. In the course of his career he accompanied different projects, from vision to first implementation till continuous development in an ongoing operation. Currently he develops new data driven business models with his clients.
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