Artificial Intelligence & Smart Data

Transformation to an AI driven IoT-Business


Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) tsunami is promising to affect every aspect of our daily lives, ranging from smart factories, smart buildings, smart cities, self-driving cars, to intelligent health. In this context, there is a necessity for every organization to integrate and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) into each product/service to enable transformation towards an AI-driven IoT company in order to gain significant competitive advantage. To make your Artificial Intelligence driven digital journey a real success, mVISE Center for AI as your reliable partner offers a holistic solution from AI-driven IoT Strategy Creation, Use Case Assessment, Proof of Concept Design, Solution Development, to Evaluation and Support.

Use cases



Comprehensive advisory service with regard to the further procedure: i.e., use cases and rough estimate of development effort and resource requirements . The goal here is to design an efficient but also meaningful scenario for a proof of concept, on which the subsequent steps of your big-data strategy can be designed.


Data Visualization

To enable decision makers to grasp difficult concepts, identify areas that need attention or respond to issues more rapidly, mVISE provides a rich set of frameworks to present enterprise data in any pictorial or graphical format.


Deployment and Support

mVISE provides experts and tools to make any Big Data deployment scale at ease. Now enterprises can rest assured as just focus on their core business as our engineers will setup, administer, optimize, and maintain their big data infrastructures while satisfying all the requirements.


Big Data management

mVISE provides with a holistic data integration approach to connect to nearly any source from database, apps, or the cloud, move data among various source, parse complex multi-structured data and profile data.


Big Data Ingestion & streaming

mVISE simplifies stream processing of both structured and unstructured data on top of streaming engines. This enables you to integrate nearly any type of data anywhere.


Proof of concept

Implementation of important use cases (proof of concept) in cooperation with your data experts.


Cross-layer analytics

Using a cross-layer Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics techniques, we enable you to gain valuable insights and/or bridge the gap between man and machine.


Enterprise Data Catalog

As the pace of IoT data speeds up, it is infeasible to manually steward the enterprise data. Therefore, there is a need for a systematic approach to scan data assets, catalog them, and index them for enterprise-wide discovery. mVISE by utilizing its world-class international partners provides your business with discovery and visibility of all data assets across the enterprise. To name a few advantages, you can perform automatic scan, semantic search, data relationship analysis, classifications, catalog, and data profiling.


Enterprise Data Lake

In response to the tsunami of new data sources such as mobile, and connected devices along with new forms of analytics such as deep learning, organizations need to augment their traditional Data Warehouse. mVISE can help you with the engineering exceptional Data Lake by ensuring critical capabilities to realize maximum value form your new types of data.

We Use the Best Technologies Available on the Market

Your benefits

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data

  • Methodology We leverage scientifically proven and holistic frameworks and techniques to deliver an ideal data-driven solution
  • Transparancy We provide an overview of the costs of the required infrastructure.
  • Help Our reasoning guides you to see if and to what extent the introduction of this technology provides business value for your business.
  • Know-How We teach you basic knowledge about the most important tools and the appropriate first use cases.
  • Experience Because we have worked nearly 10 years in this domain, we know that the digitalization entails more than just ingest a set of simple data. If you wish to succeed in the era of Big Data and AI, you will need a holistic approach.
  • Indicators We Provide you with the first indicators of development effort and resource requirements for future use cases in pursuing your big data and AI strategy.
  • Partners With our many years of experience in projects with large amounts of data and various big data and AI technologies, we are the ideal partner for you. We Use the Best Technologies Available on the Market, and We are Constantly Adding New Ones.



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