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Customer Analytics

Our data science experts support you in finding helpful answers to technical issues and incorporating these findings into the relevant decision-making processes. We support you in collecting the right data and, through suitable models and analyses, in evaluating this information and making it usable for your business. Typical areas of application include the calculation of customer value, affinity, and behavioral analyses, recommendations, (next best offer NBO, next best activity NBA), churn forecasts, and fraud detection models. Here, we cover the entire development process: spanning design and implementation, right through to the operationalization of predictive analytics questions.

Our process


Data exploration

Together with you, we drill down into your specific circumstances and qualify your data for informational content. We then determine the optimum statistical procedure or the best model candidates for your situation.


We integrate the analyses and results into your business processes. An automatization and monitoring of the analytical models creates more freedom for you. Our target is to produce added value from your analyses.


Our tried-and-tested best practice approaches can be implemented using a number of tools, such as Python or SPSS, and utilize big data technologies such as Apache Spark if required. We ensure optimum integration into your systems.

Your benefits

Customer Analytics

  • Customized offers Increase customer satisfaction through customized offers such as next-best offer in the call center, personalized email campaigns, or real-time cross-selling and upselling
  • Customer-specific forecasts Increase customer loyalty by identifying the risk of churn at an early stage and implement corresponding countermeasures taking into account customer lifetime data
  • Comprehensive guidance Implement data science and predictive analytics successfully and correctly
  • Added value Profit-enhancement using insights from your data, e.g. via uplift-optimized campaigns
  • One-Stop-ShopEverything from a single source: spanning consultation, implementation, and regular inspection

Analytics Services

With our services in the area of analytics, we offer you analysis and scoring options that you can use quickly and easily at no great expense. You get new insights into correlations in your data, its quality, and the relevance of individual factors. In this way you can support central decision-making processes in customer management and in your company in an automated way and optimize your performance in the market.

Contact person

Dr. Alexander Kaul

Dr. Alexander Kaul

Unit Manager Data Science

Alexander Kaul leads the data science unit in Munich and has been working as a consultant for over 10 years. In the course of his career he accompanied different projects, from vision to first implementation till continuous development in an ongoing operation. Currently he develops new data driven business models with his clients.
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