Practical introduction to the tools and techniques for collecting relevant data


At the Data Natives conference in Berlin on November 22 and 23, 2018, will be demonstrating tools and techniques that will allow data experts to collect the data that really matters.

Companies’ most valuable asset

Data is not just the new gold; it is also the new diamonds and the new platinum – all three taken together. With the right data and the right tools, companies can optimise their business operations, increase sales, anticipate bottlenecks in the supply chain, predict customers’ needs, and so much more. With the stress being put on “with the right data”.

Many valuable data still remains unused

One of the main challenges with data is that there are too many data sources available nowadays. It is only in theory that you can have a ‘single point of truth’ with respect to data; the reality is far from it.

As a result, data is oftentimes residing in many unconnected systems and needs to be brought together before being processed in the first place. Moreover, some methods of extracting data that are good for certain cases, are completely useless for the other.

‘Unsiloing’ data with the right tools and techniques

On November 22, the second day of the Data Natives conference, Igor Drobiazko, the CTO of, is going to demonstrate several tools and techniques that you can use to let data seamlessly flow between disparate databases, data-rich platforms and applications, no matter whether in the cloud or on-premises, in real-time or not.

So, don’t miss his presentation “Data is everywhere. Literally. How do you get it in one place?” on November 22, at 16.35.

Visit our stand at the Data Natives event this fall to discuss how you can get grip on all the right data with less time and effort.

Data Natives – The place where data and data experts come together

Data Natives is a community, spawned from a series of localised events in 48 key tech capitals across the globe. Each November, Data Natives is the culmination of our grassroots tech movement, uniting our community for 2 days of inspiring talks, educational workshops and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Data Natives ‘18 will welcome over 1600 attendees and more than 100 speakers to dissect the tech that’s shaping the way we live today — and how we’ll live tomorrow.

Contact to plan a meeting.



Manfred Götz

Manfred Götz

Vorstand Professional Services & Finance

Vor seiner Tätigkeit bei mVISE war Manfred Götz über 5 Jahre bei IT-Beratungsfirmen tätig. Er verantwortete als Business Area Manager bei der SEVEN PRINCIPLES AG den Bereich „Infrastructure & Security“ und bei der Pronovit AG den Bereich „Telecommunication“. Zuvor war er als IT-Leiter für die Legion Telekommunikation tätig und hat insgesamt 12 Jahre als Projektmanager bei Vodafone und der Deutschen Bank gearbeitet.

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