Industry 4.0

we support you on the road to digitization


Industry 4.0

From questions regarding the digital factory floor through to the supporting control processes, we support you on the road to digitizing your business processes!

Our approach


Data exploration

We work alongside you to draw up your exact issue and put it into sharper focus, qualifying your data according to e.g. information content. We then determine the optimal statistical procedures or the best design candidates for your issue.


Our proven best-practice approaches can also be implemented with a variety of tools, such as R, Python or SPSS, and are able to use big data technologies, such as Apache Spark, if required. We integrate these into your systems so that they function optimally.


We integrate the analyses and findings into your business processes. Automating and monitoring analytical models provides you with more freedom. Our goal is to make the most of your analyses.

Your benefits

Industry 4.0

  • Efficient processes Through data-based decisions, we enable you to optimize and automate your business processes.
  • Fast response By monitoring data and business processes, we enable you to immediately recognize changes in your business and react to them in a targeted manner.
  • Rectifying production errors We determine the causes of production errors by using root cause analysis, so that you can precisely rectify them and thus avoid rejects and waste.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs Through the use of condition-based maintenance, we adapt your maintenance plan to the condition of your machines, which helps you to avoid unnecessary maintenance work.
  • Avoid production downtime With the help of predictive maintenance, we are able to detect imminent malfunctions of your machines and enable you to correct them before the production line comes to a standstill.

Analytics Services

With our services in the area of analytics, we offer you analysis and scoring options that you can use quickly and easily at no great expense. You get new insights into correlations in your data, its quality, and the relevance of individual factors. In this way you can support central decision-making processes in customer management and in your company in an automated way and optimize your performance in the market.

Contact person

Dr. Alexander Kaul

Dr. Alexander Kaul

Unit Manager Data Science

Alexander Kaul leads the data science unit in Munich and has been working as a consultant for over 10 years. In the course of his career he accompanied different projects, from vision to first implementation till continuous development in an ongoing operation. Currently he develops new data driven business models with his clients.
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