Digital enhancement for your customer meeting


The desire for flexible access to information, simple appointment preparation and modern presentation forms and intelligent product references emerges particularly in the sales force. Additionally, the customer’s expectations increase regarding the completeness and actuality of product information, ability to deliver and prices. Particularly B2B customers expect a product offer that is exactly customized to their company’s needs.

SaleSphere is the solution to increase the efficiency of your sales processes.


Feature Set

  • Product and service catalog – Multimedia product and service information with a search function, detailed views, specifications are clearly illustrated and allow for an optimal presentation of your products to the customer – also offline.
  • Presentation manager – The clear presentation interface allows for a quick orientation. You can quickly establish your conversations in a structured and individual manner.
  • Customer information – All relevant contact information from your customer is visible and quickly available through the synchronization with your CRM system.
  • Video, presentation and file administration – Current PDF catalogs, brochures, images, videos and technical drawings are always available and easy to open – even offline.
  • Visit report – Directly record important information during a customer appointment and send it immediately to colleagues and superiors for further processing.
  • Administration of documents – The provision and care of sales documents is carried out easily by the click of a mouse in the web backend or centrally through your IT systems, independent of the respective file format. The folder structure selection is free and can be defined individually.
  • Optical individualization – The entire user interface can be easily and quickly adjusted to your corporate identity.


Modular planing and controling



From prognosis and shift planning, through to monitoring, time management, reporting and data analysis – the ICC software we developed for use in real-world conditions covers all the important processes involved in ensuring the optimal utilization of contact center employees. ICC is available both as a highly customizable, on-premises solution, and as a cost-effective cloud computing service.

Key Facts

  • Optimal coordination of all planning and control processes
  • Minimization of manual input errors
  • Significantly reduced resource commitment for the supply of reports and analyses
  • Better capacity planning and management thanks to high data-quality


  • Operational planning & prognosis
  • Monitoring & management
  • Reporting & data analysis
  • Employee portal
  • Master data administration

iPaaS description for mVISE

The iPaaS allows for a safe, automated and error-free data exchange between a number of separate business software applications, databases, platforms and IT systems, both in the cloud and behind the firewall. That way, your employees will spend less time on the import, export and processing of data, enabling them to instead concentrate on the actual exploitation of information gained from the data. The integration platform is also available as a white-label version.


  • A substantial selection of predefined integration connectors for the most frequently used business applications, databases and protocols reduces the integration work required by up to 80 percent
  • Elastic scalability and high performance with minimal processing times are the ideal conditions for using the platform in integration projects related to IoT, mobile or chatbots.
  • Thanks to microservices architecture and local agents, the cloud-native, web-based iPaaS can be quickly installed, both locally and in multiple clouds.
  • The SDKs for several different programming languages allow for fast development of new and in-house integration components with minimal effort
  • Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface and the various development tools, is equally simple to use for both expert and non-expert Integrators.
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