Professional Services

Mobility, Virtualization, Security


Professional Services

Accelerate digitization

With competencies in the sectors mobility, virtualization and security we support you with planing and developing your digital strategy.

In our cooperation with the market leaders and forerunners of digitalization, we address the key aspects of digital transformation:

  • Digitalization of your assets and processes
  • Support for your employees with digital tools
  • Digitalization of your customer channels and transactions


Artificial Intelligence & Smart Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) tsunami is promising to affect every aspect of our daily lives, ranging from smart factories, smart buildings, smart cities, self-driving cars, to intelligent health.

IT Security

We offer you a comprehensive range of information security services. This enables you to benefit from a holistic approach: We assist you from the conception to the implementation of complex security solutions and provide you with support across all project phases.

Data Science & Analytics

Our data science experts support you in generating valuable information from your mass of data and incorporating these findings into the relevant decision-making processes.

Business Intelligence

In order to successfully manage your company or department, you not only need efficient and flexible processes, but also correct and timely decisions for controlling them, as well active monitoring to measure success.

Data integration platform

This is not just based on modern technologies, but can also support the vision of central data services. When it comes to such a platform, the size of big data is less relevant, but what is much more relevant is rather the flexible and modular handling of the data.

Data Warehouse

The key to your company’s success lies in your data. The challenge, therefore, is to link the diverse and differently structured data from the individual source systems, extract it simply and reliably from the sources and make it available in a suitable manner.

Amazon Web Services

MVISE AG is a Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services. Our expertise ranges from cloud computing to storage and infrastructure solutions & Big Data and IoT.

Cloud Infrastructure

Virtualization is a key technology of modern data centers and IT structures and offers many advantages. Precisely for this reason virtualization is gaining more and more importance and offers enormous potential for cost savings.

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things offers many opportunities for companies. We are engaged in this area for a long time and have already completed IoT products from well-known customers.

Mobile Solutions

Holistic m0bile strategy

mVISE is the first port of call for mobile business solutions.

With years of comprehensive experience, we provide you with assistance in the development of holistic mobile strategies – from consultation and creative services through to technical implementation, roll-out and measurement of success.

We work together with international top-customers like:

and more.
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