At this point you have a clear idea of the WHAT – which features and functions your mobile digital solution should have. Our next thoughts should be directed at HOW and WHO. Our experience of software development methodologies, either stand-alone, or in coordination with FW and HW development, allows us to help you select the best methods and processes to meet the needs of the project and your organisation. Projects are implemented by people working and communicating within structures and processes, we will also help you to ensure the roles of the people within the project are properly defined.

In many projects it is extremely easy to lose track of the WHY & the WHO. If we didn’t already help you to build User Personae, we can do that with you. This is always a fun activity and it is core to User-Centric design (see also Design Thinking and LEAN design) as it creates a lasting impression of exactly who the users are, together with their specific needs and motivations.

As a business you will also want to understand how your digital solution performs. We can also help you develop a number of focussed KPIs that will allow you not only to understand the impact of the completed digital solution, but also to help prioritise features for development.

In summary:

  • Discussion & selection of development methodologies
  • Discussion and agreement of Project roles
  • Review of User Personas
  • KPI development


  • Requirements document

Workshop details

  • On site or on-site at mVISE
  • Workshop contents are adapted to the customer
  • Language: English or German
  • Hands-On & interactive
  • Number of participants limited to 12
  • Price: on request

Contact person

Kevin J Mobbs Ph.D.

Kevin J Mobbs Ph.D.

Unit Manager Solutions

Kevin has a background in Molecular Microbiology research and technological product development. Following a brief academic research career Kevin first experienced product development with the succesful startup Genera Technologies. This was then followed by seven-year’s experience as a Product Manager with QIAGEN and Lonza in the biotech devices industry, over 5 years successful innovation consulting for crowd-sourcing SaaS pioneers InnoCentive as well as the world’s largest re-insurer, Munich RE. Kevin is an advocate of design thinking methods and enabling ‘dumb questions ‘ to be asked and answered. ‘If something cannot be made fun, then it may not be worth doing!’

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